Thursday, August 16, 2007

Who makes John Redwood look more foolish...the BBC or John Redwood?

Tonight's London Standard picks up the BBC apology to John Redwood which I posted HERE yesterday.

The Standard says:

Faced with accusations of anti-Tory bias and gratuitously trying to make the former Cabinet minister look foolish, the corporation's director of news Helen Boaden admitted it was "wrong" to use the clip.
The BBC trying to make John Redwood look foolish...? Didn't he do that all by himself...?

Tomorrow, David Cameron will wheel out the same old John Redwood to announce policies which would lead to massive cuts in vital public services if the Tories are ever trusted to run Britain again.

Tories are desperate to airbrush out their appalling boom-n-bust record, including two recessions and mass unemployment and misery delivered by John Redwood and his Tory mates.

Shamefully, the BBC have buckled under pressure.

Fortunately, the Tories can't gag blogs. This is what the Tories don't want you to see.

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Anonymous said...

Actually the view in Wales is that the resurection of Shoni Redwood (I'd give the Welsh version but you may have difficulty pronouncing it)is Xmas come early.

Derogatory remarks on single parents delivered in Cardiff. Underspends on Budgets, with the underspend being returned to London, and as the clip shows a complete inability to dapt to South Wales culture.

Oh please Mr Cameron more of this !