Monday, August 06, 2007

Tories ahead in the key marginals says New Statesman editor...

New Statesman editor John Kampfner says the Tories have been quietly pouring money into the crucial marginal seats which could decide the outcome of the next General Election.

Under the headline: The Tories are still ahead in the real election battleground, he writes in today's Guardian that while Cameron's Conservatives currently appear to be in a mess, much of their campaigning work with the swing voters in key marginal seats is going on below the radar.

Kampfner says after the Tory panic in reaction to the Brown bounce, the smartest money will be on an improvement once the new political season opens in September...

Well, after Grammar wars, Ealing Southall, floods and Rwanda, things couldn't get much worse for David Cameron and the Conservatives.

But as he says: there is still everything to play for.


Anonymous said...

Cast your mind back to 2005.

Ashcroft and the "Butcher a Fox" brigade put money and manpower into the marginals. In some places this worked.

On the other hand, a naked attempt to buy votes in Caerphilly backfired. In fact it effectively endorsed our "A Vote for the Nats, is a vote for the Tories campaign."

The day the Local Paper came out with a A3 full colour paid for wrapper extolling the virtues of the Conservative Party was like an early Xmas to Wayne David and his supporters.

Caerphilly was one of the few Constituencies to have a swing to Labour in 2005.

I suggest if we can Identify where this low key, high cost campaigning is going on and expose it, as an attempt to buy the election I think we could reduce the damage.

Anonymous said...

This article ties in with what is happening in the key hyper marginals here in West Country, seats Labour must hold.
Cameron's Tories are quietly on the march in key areas.