Monday, August 06, 2007

Missing Madeleine: grim find in holiday flat...?

I hope reports that traces of Madeleine McCann's blood have been discovered at the holiday flat where she was last seen prove to be untrue.

Portuguese Police have not confirmed reports carried in the tonight's London Standard. The reports were first made this morning in a Portuguese newspaper today.

The Standard also reports:

in recent weeks, some elements of the Portugese media have been conducting what appears to be a smear campaign against the McCanns, in an apparent attempt to distract attention from the police's failure to crack the case.
What a truly awful nightmare.

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Will B said...

the Telegraph's reporting that British police found blood, but it doesn't say it's Madeleine McCann's though. It's away for testing and detectives believe the discovery could 'change the direction" of the investigation. I wonder what that means exactly.