Thursday, August 02, 2007

Grammar Wars: Roger Helmer's helpful words of advice for David Cameron...

More welcome words of advice for Conservative Leader David Cameron who has been under intense pressure since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister.

Today's call for a new direction is from Roger Helmer, East Midlands Conservative Euro-MP, who helpfully re-opens Tory Grammar Wars which exposed David Cameron's poor judgement and hopeless leadership.

Roger's views are published at Conservative Home .

Right-winger Roger is also chairman of something called The Freedom Association.

He suggests putting Graham Brady in charge of schools...remember Graham Brady?

He's the Tory MP who lost his job on Cameron's front-bench for standing up for Grammar Schools after Cameron said it was wrong to separate children into 'sheep and goats' at the age of 11.

Ironically Mr Brady lost his job for promoting a way forward which became official Tory policy a few days and a u-turn later.

I'm sure Dave is all ears...

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