Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Missing Madeleine Day 90: 'Cracker' called in...

A team of 'Cracker-style' British psychologists has flown out to Portugal to assist in the hunt for Leicestershire girl Madeleine McCann who has now been missing for 90 days.

The Daily Express says the team includes senior police officers and criminologists specially trained in tackling child sex abuse and abduction cases.

As part of a full review of the case, the fresh team will fine-toothcomb every interview, contact and clue carried out over the past 90 days to build a psychological profile of the kidnapper which could provide the vital clue to help track him down.

The Express says all leave has been cancelled for Portuguese detectives and that every British Police Force has so far played their part in the search.

My last post on Missing Madeleine was HERE when the Leicester Mercury shut down a a nasty web campaign against parents Gerry and Kate McCann.


Anonymous said...

I wish they did this 90 days ago

fairdealphil said...

let's hope it's not too late.