Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Top Tory donor attacks Eton-toff Cameron as out-of-touch...

One of the biggest donors to the Conservative Party has withdrawn his support - and attacked David Cameron's arrogant, Old Etonian leadership.

Sir Tom Cowie, millionaire life president of the Arriva transport group, pulled the plug on the Tories after giving hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years.

He's just the latest figure in recent days to mount a stinging attack on Mr Cameron's poor performance and lack of judgement. In the last few days alone, former Tory treasurer Lord Stanley Kalms attacked Cameron's leadership. Then former Tory chairman Lord Saatchi warned Cameron that nicey-nicey policies won't get the Tories elected.

Top of today's list of criticisms by Sir Tom was Mr Cameron's lamentable handling of the self-inflicted Tory Grammar Wars. Self-made Sir Tom blamed much of the Tory infighting on the privileged educational background of Mr Cameron and many of his close friends who now run the party.

Sir Tom says:
The Tory party seems to be run now by Old Etonians and they don't seem to understand how other people live. They seem to be very arrogant like I suppose Old Etonians can be. They certainly don't understand about grammar schools.
When Cameron's self-inflicted Grammar-wars hit the headlines, I was lambasted by comments on my blog saying I was over-egging its significance.

Looks like my hunch was right on the money.

UPDATE: Story picked up by The London Standard.

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