Friday, August 17, 2007

UPDATED WITH PHOTOS: Gowns for this weekend's wedding go up in flames...

The impact of the Deepings blaze which destroyed six shops today will touch the lives of many people - such as the young lady who turned up at the Bridal Centre expecting to collect a set of bridesmaids dresses for a wedding tomorrow.

She was met with a scene of total devastation as 40 fire-fighters tackled the fire and left with wedding plans in tatters.

As the mess is now being damped down and the roads re-opened, the only evidence that a bridal shop ever existed are the remains of a couple of sad mannequins in black-charred wedding gowns.

The Bridal Centre - a local business partnership - is trying to do everything possible to help its customers and has a website and email for anyone concerned about their wedding outfits.

The fire totally destroyed the Bridal Centre, a book shop, Fushions Fabrics, and a men's barber shop.

Fire-fighters did well to partially save Hop-Scotch kiddies shoes shop and ACS wedding photographers - but their premises are flooded and stock likely to be a complete write-off.

I'm no expert, but I'd be surprised if any of the structure can be saved.

In my earlier post breaking the news today, I wrote that it was unlikely that asbestos was involved as the structure had been rebuilt. But it appears that the old roof of Todd's Garage - which appears to be asbestos - remained in place when Terry Wright converted the premises into a parade of shops some years ago.

I spoke with Terry as he surveyed the damage this afternoon. He was badly shaken and his first concern was to help his tenants who could only watch on as years of hard work and investment went up in flames in moments.

Meanwhile, here's how local media are covering the Deepings blaze:

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