Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tory MP says Gordon is moving Labour deeper into 'Conservative territory'...

Gordon Brown is moving Labour deeper into 'Conservative territory' according to South Holland and Deepings Tory MP John Hayes.

Tory strategy to deal with Gordon Brown as new Prime Minister was clearly to create a fear that he would move Labour away from the centre-ground of British politics with more 'left wing' measures.

But writing today on Conservative Home, Mr Hayes says not only has that not happened, but it will not happen. A prominent figure in the right-wing Cornerstone Group of Tory MPs, Mr Hayes says:

We already know that Gordon Brown will not shift the Labour party to the left in any way that is meaningful to voters. Indeed, his pronouncements on a unified border force, super casinos and 24 hour drinking demonstrate that he is actually moving Labour further into Conservative territory.
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