Friday, August 31, 2007

Weighing up what's in your wheelie-bin...?

Now that 110,000 micro-chipped wheelie bins have been rolled out across South Kesteven, Grantham-based SKDC are starting to focus on the data revealed in those controversial chips.

According to this morning's Stamford Mercury,SKDC will shortly start using the information collected from the chips to support residents who are not taking full advantage of the system provided.

No quote in the Mercury from bin-rebel Brynley Heaven who removed SKDC's chip from his bin, complaining that it was part of a secret agenda to make people pay according to the weight of rubbish in their bin...


Anonymous said...

Hello Phil,

The idea of encouraging people to recycle more is a good one.

I can't help feeling that if the supermarkets were lent on to reduce packaging, there would be a positive moral effect all round.

Anonymous said...

Seems as though Brynley was correct in principle all along too Phil.

fairdealphil said...

Hi Brynley:

I'm sure we all agree with the principle of recycling:

for far too long we've been swallowing up the earth's resources and needlessly filling holes in the ground with the "spoil".

We're in the infancy of recycling in this country - certainly agree that supermarkets have a role to play in cutting packaging - and I like the Irish idea of banning plastic bags in supermarkets...


welcome back...we should nhave known that brynley's a canny fella!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, you might want to have a look at this article I did recently on how the German's use the supermarket system for recycling. It seems a far more cost effective way than putting microchips in everyone's wheelie bins.