Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Major's aide tells Tories to 'do a bit more homework'...

Sheila Gunn, press secretary to John Major when he was PM, has some sensible advice for the Conservatives after David Cameron's NHS gaffe which she describes as 'depressing'.

Interviewed on BBC R4 news tonight, she said 'a bit more homework could have saved a lot of grief...it's basic' after what she called 'a series of self-inflicted wounds have added to the grief.'

Cameron's self-inflicted wounds are top story on Newsnight which is just starting...


Anonymous said...

Very good, Phil.

Now can we have your long promised thoughts on megaschools.

2,200 students at the Thomas Deacon Starship Academy in Peterborough.

Opens September 10th.

Less than three weeks time.

Great facilities.

Is it too big? Yea.

Are the rules crazy? It seems so. There is to be no playground.

Headteacher Alan McMurdo says that the no-breaks policy is "under review"

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph reports that another megaschool in Peterborough is on the drawing board.

Obvious point: let's see whether the Thomas Deacon Starship Academy can be made to work before commissioning another one.


I've written your blog for you.

Anonymous said...

17 days to go before the first megaschool opens its doors.

And still no word from Phil.

Come on, it's an easy one.

You just go on about the excellent facilities and genuinely exciting architecture.

If you ignore the moonbat regime that is prposed for the megaschool, who can blame you?

You are a very online blogger after all.

Anonymous said...

Worth reading Anushka Asthana in today's Observer/Guardian Unlimited: "No break, no bells in school of the future".

She goes out of her way to try to be fair, but there is no disguising the bravery or the radicalism of the new regime at Thomas Deacon Starship Academy.