Friday, August 03, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Ex-MP Red Ron dies...

One of the most outspoken hard-left MPs from Labour's wilderness years has died, it was announced a few minutes ago.

Ron Brown was one of two MPs infamous for picking up the historic Mace in the House of Commons.

Tory Michael Heseltine earned himself the nickname Tarzan when he swung the Mace above his head.

Ron Brown managed to drop - and damage - the Mace when he picked it up - and taunted Michael Heseltine with it.

Mr Brown then added insult to injury by refusing to apologise for his antics - despite being handed carefully drafted words. The Speaker had no alternative but to suspend him from Parliament.

He was also involved in a number of rather more colourful episodes and was finally deselected as Labour's candidate in Leith, Edinburgh for the 1992 General Election.

He stood as an independent but was beaten by Labour's new candidate - Malcolm Chisholm and was expelled from the Labour Party.


Anonymous said...

Swinging the Mace is a normal part of growing up, Phil.

But Ron Brown's dealings with Libya were anything but normal.

Strange that Jack Straw now considers the very same Libyan leader to be "a statesman".

How times change.

And Jack's values too, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Another aspect of Ron Brown's chequered career where he turned out to be spot on.


He warned against supporting the Islamicist guerrillas, saying they would be more trouble than the Soviets.

He was ignored.

But he got that one right.