Wednesday, August 15, 2007

See the Classic Redwood clip the BBC wish they hadn't re-shown...

The BBC says they were wrong at the weekend to re-show John Redwood bumbling through the Welsh national anthem.

Thankfully, you can see it on u-tube.

Pure gold.


Anonymous said...

Most of us la la along if we don't know the words.

John Redwood is different from most of us.

There is no reason why John should be able to sing the Welsh National Anthem.

Except that he was Secretary of State for Wales at the time this clip was taken.

So he has no excuse, really.

It's great viewing. Play it again, BBC !

fairdealphil said...

you're right Brynley...the fact that we've all been there, la-la ing along - in church maybe - makes it all the more funny.

what it also did at the time of course was highlight the insult to the welsh that the Tories had no Welsh MPs and the Secretary of State for Wales was an Englishman...

(or a Vulcanite...)

Anonymous said...

Much better is the one released during the Welsh elections this year.

It can be seen here:

Chris Paul said...

In fact the Tories had MPs in SIX (count 'em) constituencies in Welsh Wales at the time old clever clogs was appointed to this high office.

Possibly another few ex-Pats doted about the place? Anyway - six constituency MPs to go at and they chose JR.

And now 200-odd (that -odd reads well) Tory MPs and they choose Thatcher's finest son as the tax cut announcer du jour?

Shooting self in foot was never so frequent or so very comical as this lot of clots manage.