Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tories only seen as the nasty party because 'we've been nasty,' says Lincs MP...

The full article by Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh in which he calls on David Cameron to change direction and talk more about immigration, low tax and Europe has appeared on the right-wing Cornerstone website.

I mentioned Mr Leigh's words of advice to his Leader HERE yesterday when Lord Saatchi had a pop at the Tory Leader.

The full article is well worth a read: Edward Leigh says David Cameron should dump "liberalism" and be honest enough to admit that he is a "high Tory". He goes on:

We are not the nasty party. And if some people think we are, it’s not because we’re right-wing, but because sometimes we’ve been nasty to each other.

...we must stop self-obsessing and worrying too much what people think of us. No doubt they’ve always thought we were toffs, or out of touch, or on the make. But they also used to think we were competent. All that changed on Black Wednesday.

But Black Wednesday was fourteen years ago. For God’s, sake move on! Most of the electorate has, but we still agonise about what someone failed to do in our Conservative family fourteen years ago. Families do that sort of thing. No one else cares. So throw all the tedious Central Office presentations which tell us how much we’re despised in the dustbin.

Edward doesn't mention David Cameron's role as Special Advisor to the Chancellor at the time of the Black Wednesday debacle...


Anonymous said...

Edward Leigh knows the Conservatives have to make the best of a bad job. If the failing David Cameron is dumped, Gordon Brown will call a General Election while the Tories are Leaderless.

Anonymous said...

These sort of comments are the sort that simply undermine the Leadership and DC.

fairdealphil said...


are you going to tell Edward or shall I...?