Friday, August 31, 2007

Canny Gordon's not frit of Cameron...

What are the Tories who are predicting a snap autumn election up to...?

Tonight, Iain Dale among others is reporting 'rumours in Westminster' of an October 4th General Election - following another favourable poll for Labour and Gordon Brown today.

The latest poll reported in the Daily Telegraph suggests a landslide defeat for David Cameron if there were to be a snap General Election.

Strange, perhaps that the Tories are talking up the odds of an early General Election and crying 'bring it on' - when even they must realise that that on today's ratings, they have no chance of winning the trust of the British people.

Personally, I thought Call-me-Dave's performance on Newsnight earlier this week was the first real sign that he finally realises he's no match for Gordon Brown and that he now sees his task to shore up the core Tory vote.

Could it be that the Tory grandees are predicting an early General Election in the safe knowledge that there won't be one - and then claim Gordon is frit of them?

Surely not!


Chris Paul said...

Think Gordy is getting the opposition to waste steam and money on an early election while still planning for may 2008 (helping turn a few councils round) or June 2009 (also helping with Euro turn out).


Tory spokesman Nimby Nick he say Not In My Back Yard.

Anonymous said...

All we can say is that we told you so and you fooled nobody with your plays it down talk for the last three months Phil.

Our soap boxes are at the ready!

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