Saturday, August 11, 2007

Are you a Godly miracle worker...? Here's your ideal job!

Are you a Godly miracle worker looking for loadsa money for a few hours a fortnight...? I've discovered an amazing job opening made for you... This is a serious job advert on an Ohio employment agency website called Craigs List:

Greetings to the followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ! We are looking for a faith healer to officiate over our healing services we will be conducting every other Saturday in Avon Lake, Ohio. The far westside of Cleveland.

We are looking for a Godly man of Christ who has a proven track record of miracle healing by laying-of-hands or by saying the word. Someone who is filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit to cure illness and infirmities in the Body of Christ.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience if the Holy Spirit is calling you to our ministry.
Don't send your CV to me. Apply directly to Pastor Julius and Elder Tom at the Kingdom Church of Jesus Christ. If you're the right person, I'm sure you'll already know how to contact them.

The good news is that the hours are minimal and the 'compensation' (which I assume is a polite American word for wages) is a cool $150,000.

The bad news is that's a year, not per appearance...

I note that there's a banner ad on Craigs List which warns Beware of Scams...You have been warned.

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