Thursday, August 09, 2007

Chameleon Cameron turns broccoli blue...

He's tried pretending to be green, yellow and even red. But despite his Chameleon appearances, the real David Cameron only ever came in one colour - Tory blue.

Today, the Tories return to their true colours. The £40,000 green tree squiggle which they launched less than a year ago has turned blue...

The Daily Torygraph explains:

The Tories' green oak tree logo has turned a more traditional shade of blue as an embattled David Cameron seeks to reassure Conservative activists that he is not abandoning the party's core values.

A year after the controversial doodle replaced the party's traditional red white and blue flaming torch of freedom, it has lost its environmentally friendly green leaves.

The "vote blue, go green" oak tree logo has been one of the most visible demonstrations of Mr Cameron's attempts to move the party back to the centre ground and show voters that it is no longer the "nasty party".
When the traditional Tory blue torch logo was extinguished last year, former Tory party chairman Lord Norman Tebbit said the green tree which replaced it looked more like a bunch of broccoli.

David Cameron's tried to show his green credentials by being photographed cycling to Parliament - but he was caught out when journalists discovered that he was followed by a car which carried his shoes!

There were attempts to portray him as the natural heir to Tony Blair, and even a campaign to paint him as a Liberal.

Labour's launch of Dave the Chameleon warned voters that the real colours of Dave would always be true-blue.

Well, now the broccoli has turned blue.

Maybe they'll try purple sprouting next...?

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