Monday, August 20, 2007

Tory writer says losing is the best Cameron can expect...

As David Cameron arrives back from his holiday anxious to launch a fresh come-back, a leading Tory writer writes off his chances and says he needs to find ‘at least one obviously Conservative policy’.

Former Tory MP Matthew Parris, now columnist for The Times says today that while David Cameron should 'play to win' the next General Election:
the best result would be to wing Brown then let Britain see him flap around for a year or two with a shrunk or non-existent majority.
Writing on the Conservative Home site, Paris goes on

At least one solid, distinctively and obviously Conservative policy should be found – death duties, whatever – headlined, showcased, and stuck to regardless.
And he says there should be
No more pictures with poor people...A sense of command should be exuded as he settles the final shape of his potential Cabinet. Some of the faces and voices are not right from the viewpoint of the world outside his party, and that’s the viewpoint that counts. An act of ruthlessness would come in handy.
Who can he be thinking of for the boot: surely not wee Georgie Osborne...?

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