Sunday, August 05, 2007

Proud to be Royal Anglian...

Excellent article in today's Observer on the tough life endured by Royal Anglian squaddies in Sangin Valley, Afghanistan.

I wish more people here at home appreciated the efforts and sacrifices of our soldiers in the war to defeat the Taliban and bring stability to Helmand.


John Gray said...

Good link Phil - I think that most people do appreciate the sacrifice and hardship that our troops are going though. It’s just not British to say so.

Anonymous said...

There are some good pics in today's New York Times online ("British make initial gains against Taliban")

This one is unwinnable without some answers on drugs.

The Helmand river valley is where the farmers grow our drugs.

The prohibitionists want to spray the crops.

The British have up to now very sensibly said no, but we are under pressure to do the wrong thing.

What is the British policy in Helmand, David Miliband?