Wednesday, August 01, 2007

British Bulldog Brown wins world backing...

Gordon Brown has won world backing to launch a massive international peace-keeping force to end what he believes is the greatest humanitarian disaster the world faces today.

Our new Prime Minister is on his way home from New York after notching up what pundits describe as a dramatic first foreign policy victory to help end the bloodshed in Darfur.

He used his first face-to-face meeting with George Bush since becoming Prime Minister, to secure the crucial support of the American President for a United Nations mandate to deploy 26,000 UN troops to Darfur, to stop the massacres of civilians and end a year of international drift on the carnage.

Gordon Brown had promoted the idea last week when he met French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Mr Brown went to UN HQ in New York hours before the vote to call for support for the resolution.

His diplomacy paid off last night when the Security Council approved the troop deployment. New UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said the decision was historic and unprecedented.

A Washington Post headline on his meeting with George Bush described the British prime minister as more bulldog than poodle.

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