Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tory hypocrisy on sorry tale of two logos

A member of the all-Tory Executive who spent £40,000 of our money on a new logo for Lincs County Council has criticised David Cameron for spending £40,000 on the Conservative Party's new squidgy tree logo.

Christine Talbot, who skipped yesterday's controversy over her plan to treble care charges for some Lincolnshire people in favour of the Tory Confererence HERE and HERE, was interviewed at Bournemouth for BBC Radio Four's PM programme.

Political reporter Caroline Quinn said some Tories worry there’s too much glitz and unnecessary changes like introducing the squidgy oak tree logo, and not enough substance.

First up was our "Chris" Talbot who said:

“When I first saw the tree I was absolutely alarmed and the amount of money that
was spent on it – I think £40,000 by a design company in London.

"We’ve got a lot more that we could be doing rather than all this PR business.

Which is exactly the point I made on this blog in March when Christine was backing the plan to spend £40,000 on this new logo for Lincolnshire.

Can't seem to link to my post on March 18th "New logo: Good use of your money?" - but it's there somewhere!


Anonymous said...

Presumably Christine Talbot is not really bothered about the new oak tree logo.

She's pining for the old right wing Tory Party, I guess.

fairdealphil said...


personally i think Christine is barking up the wrong tree.

but seriously, i think many old school Tories in Lincolnshire would are not enthusiastic about Cameron.