Sunday, October 15, 2006

LibDums poster leaves a nasty taste...

Peterborough LibDems have done themselves no favours by refusing to take down a bad-taste poster on their website.

I’m grateful to Elephunt for highlighting the issue which I’d totally missed in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph HERE

The elderly widow of prominent Conservative councillor Ben Franklin who died some months ago, was disgusted at a poster which depicted her former husband as “Franklinstein” prepared for the local LibDem website.

But even after complaints about the offence they were causing, Peterborough LibDems refused to take the poster down. Eventually, after more complaints, Lib Leader Sir Ming Campbell intervened and instructed the local party to do the decent thing.

They have now removed the offensive poster but, according the the ET, there are still three articles which refer to “Franklinstein” on the LibDem site.

Such nice people, these LibDems.

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