Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Getting more recycling for less money...

Last January, I posted on the withdrawal of a vital recycling service in our local community HERE and finished by saying “watch this space”.

It’s taken nine months - the length of a pregnancy – but at last I’ve secured a meeting with Councillor Lewis Strange, Portfolio Holder for Waste. He’s agreed to meet me at Deeping Recycling Centre later today when I hope we can come up with a sensible solution to a real problem.

I'm still pushing to get a waste skip provided for at least one day a week at Deepings Recycling Centre.

I'm confident that it would lead to better recycling - as I know Ian Prentice who runs Deepings Recycling would not allow anything that is remotely recyclable to go into landfill.

It’s a service that could be provided for a fraction of the £1,000 every time we used to send three compactors once a fortnight to the Co-op supermarket car park.

What most people didn't realise was that everything that was placed in the compactors went straight into landfill.

This really is a case where we can achieve more recycling for less public money!

As I said in January…watch this space.

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