Monday, October 02, 2006

Times reports on Tory "cash for honours" probe

Full story on Tory donors helping police with their "cash for honours" enquiries in The Times today which also reports that David Cameron's own constituency Conservatives benefitted from a donation from the mysterious Linconshire-based Midlands Industrial Council.


Anonymous said...

According to The Times, one of those arrested was the Prime Minister's fixer for City Acadamies.

So, whichever way you go on this one, there is money going off to City Acadamies.

Follow the money trail, Mr Copper!

Anonymous said...

I do wonder if The Times has it in for the Tories. There were many headlines about the party in today's paper, as you would hope during their conference, and all of them were negative! (As you may or may not hope, depending on your views!). So far a good week for Messrs Blair and Brown ...

As Mr Cameron might say, "Infamy, infamy!"