Monday, October 23, 2006

She’s not just Welsh, she’s stupid, says Jim Davidson

As I mentioned on Saturday when posting about Aberfan and Birthdays, my wife Gill is Welsh – and proud of it.

But it's caused a few problems from time to time. For instance, we used to have an English relative who thought it was a hoot to call her Blodwyn everytime he met her, followed by references to sheep. Really tedious - and offensive after a while.

So I say cheers to the teenage girl who objected to unfunny racist remarks allegedly made by so-called funnyman Jim Davidson and reported HERE.

Bar-worker Laura Davies says Jim Davidson refused to allow her to serve him because she is Welsh. She says he walked away muttering “I’m not being served by the bloody Welsh” at Telford Golf and Country Club.

Laura says: “It was racial abuse. I know my accent’s funny but no one has the right to speak like that.”

Nick-Nick claimed: “It wasn’t because she was Welsh, it was because I thought she was stupid.”

It doesn’t sound to me like Laura’s the daft one.

Jim Davidson’s ‘jokes’ about race and gays may go down a storm at Conservative Party conferences, but they have no place in the real world. Not even at Telford Golf and Country Club.


Anonymous said...

The point to make about comedian Jim Davidson is that he's banned by Dave Cameron (for obvious reasons) but loved by the Tory backwoods (for exactly the same reasons).

Anonymous said...

Jim Davidson is my favourite comedian.

Benny Hill was too liberal.

fairdealphil said...

brynley: thanks for the information - i didn't realise David Cameron had banned Jim Davidson.

That's a welcome move, but as you say the backwoods don't see the problem.

At the Tory Spring Conference in Manchester, for example, one of the flowery hatted ladies was asked if she could ever see her local constituency party selecting an ethnic minorities candidate...

She almost spat the plum out of her mouth...

it was along the lines of "Oooh, no, my dear, not here...we're a traditional Conservative party"

Her reaction made Channel4 news and the front page splash of the Manchester Evening News.

Cameron said she was in the wrong party - but did nothing about removing her as a Conservative candidate in May's elections.

fairdealphil said...


if i was coming to skeggy, i'd much prefer to see you than Jim Davidson.