Monday, October 16, 2006

Is Lincoln Imp in a wheelchair too cheeky…? You decide.

One of the all-night wheelchair protesters against trebling of home care charges has launched his own blog called Careless-Council.

Richard Van der Fransen reveals on his site how his amusing alterations to Lincolnshire County Council’s new logo didn’t go down too well with a council press officer.

I thought it was rather imaginative to put our Lincoln Imp in a wheelchair.

Here’s the original logo and Richard’s version.

Too cheeky? Judge for yourself.

By the way, one of the logos you see cost us Lincolnshire ratepayers £40,000.

The other one didn't cost us a bean.

(Richard and a colleague Brian Steel camped for 24 hours outside County Hall in Lincoln to protest against the prospect of their home care charges being raised from £40 a week to £120 story HERE).


Anonymous said...

Richard's imp is riding a Pennyfarthing.

Like it.

Anonymous said...

Richard is welcome to borrow my Donkey brand for which I am official goodwill ambassador.

Faye said...

Whats wrong with disabled imps??? we have to be PC after all....