Monday, October 02, 2006

Police question Tory donor who is member of mystery Lincolnshire group

A leading member of the secretive Lincolnshire organisation which helps fund David Cameron’s Conservative Party has been questioned by police, according to the top story on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme this morning.

Car importer Robert Edmiston who is known to be a member of the Midlands Industrial Council, was put forward by the Tories for a peerage. But the application was blocked.

Mr Edmiston is reported to have turned a £2 million loan to the Tory Party into a donation last year.

As reported here, the MIC is based in a terraced house in the village of Bassingham near Lincoln. So far, David Cameron, who says he wants to "clean up politics", had failed to back calls for MIC's books to be opened.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire are also reporting the story of Mr Edmiston’s chat with plod as a national story, but they have not yet cottoned on to his Lincolnshire connections.


Anonymous said...

Robert Edmison is also a City Academy backer.

In return for giving money, he stipulates that students are taught in science about the earth being just 10,000 years old.

Is it right that people should be able to purchase the school curriculum in this way?

fairdealphil said...

er, no.