Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All style and no (paint) substance...

When photo-ops work well, they can help deliver the intended message. But when they don’t work, they can deliver a totally unintended message…

...As Rutland MP Alan Duncan proved today when he posed for the TV cameras.

Fresh from his Conference speech, Mr Duncan rushed across Bournemouth for a stunt designed to demonstrate that Cameron’s Tories are normal, caring sorts of people.

At the weekend, David Cameron had posed with a cordless drill as if he was doing a spot of DIY at a worthy local renovation project the Conservatives have taken on during their week in Bournemouth.

All week since then, Tory MPs have been lining up for the cameras to repeat the stunt for their local media.

We are supposed to believe that they are all spending every spare moment at Bournemouth helping others. In truth, there’s probably a backroom team who actually do most of the graft.

Alan Duncan arrived at the project and donned someone else’s paint-splattered overalls to give the impression he’d been toiling for hours.

But anyone wearing overalls over the top of a sharp-suit can only look like a total plonker...and Alan didn’t disappoint.

Then he rather awkwardly picked up what appeared to be a one-and-a-half inch brush designed for window frames and tried to look as if he doesn’t actually get a man in when he needs a job doing at Casa Duncan.

He tentatively started dabbing the brush on a vast expanse of wall that had already been painted – and not with a one-and-a-half inch brush before moving off and picking on another expanse of wall.

But there wasn’t a drop of paint anywhere – apart from on the borrowed overalls – not even on the brush!

Who said the Tories are all style and no substance…?


Anonymous said...

All in all just another brush on the wall.

fairdealphil said...


that's with a b. bob.

Anonymous said...

we don't need no edjucashun ...