Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not even the Tories are that crazy…are they?

Had to chuckle reading the transcript of Lincs FM’s latest report on controversial plans to close infant and junior schools in the county and replace them with all-through primary schools.

The transcript read:
The future of two more Lincolnshire schools is up for debate. Lincolnshire County Council wants to merge Eastfield Infants & Nursery School with Lacy Gardens Junior School in Louth…

I don’t know whether that’s an accurate transcript by the team at Lincolnshire County Council, or whether something was lost in translation.

Either way, the proposals are in fact to create one new all-through primary school on the Ermine Estate in Lincoln and another at Louth.

It’s true that the real merger plans are completely bonkers for many reasons.

But I’m happy to put the record straight and report that the Lincolnshire Tories are not so crazy to propose merging schools which are more than 25 miles apart...

...But then again, when their back-of-a-fag-packet scheme to merge 17 schools was first revealed, no-one thought they could possibly be serious.

But they were deadly serious. A year on, we’re still fighting alongside parents, teachers, head teachers, and councillors of all parties and none, working to stop the plan and prevent the damage to childrens' education.

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