Monday, October 16, 2006


A great night out with a mate in Boston last week sparked memories of my days as a junior reporter on the local rag more than three decades ago 

My first job in newspapers was writing up the deaths and marriages on the Lincolnshire Chronicle– which was printed in those days on the ex-News Chronicle presses which had been moved up from London to the Standard works on Wide Bargate, Boston.

Once the paper was printed, press nights would be rounded off with a rowdy beer or three in the New Inn on Penn Street.
On my return last week I didn’t find the old pub - or even Penn Street.

But round almost every corner, I did manage to discover a fresh Batemans house.

And wearing my shoes that won’t go past pubs without going in, I was forced to sample a goodly quantity of Lincolnshire brewed Good Honest Ales. 

I also managed to stumble on the new “front” offices of the Boston Standard – no longer on Wide Bargate, but in a smart new shopping precinct, with a bill-board outside advertising this week’s big story.

What the headline would be? Perhaps HAVEN HIGH HEAD WELCOMES MIGRANT KIDS – following the inaccurate sensationalism in the Daily Express earlier in the week which I posted about HERE.

Wrong. Perhaps then the bill-board would be BOSTON FIGHTS FAT LABEL after the people of the town were labelled the most obese people in Britain HERE.

Wrong again. I could hardly believe how I’d missed the scoop of the century which shouted out at me from the bill-board: COFFEE MORNING PICTURE SPECIAL.
I kid you not. Have news values changed so much in 35 years?

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