Monday, October 16, 2006

Donkey's arrival is good news...

Seems ages since I was able to post a good Lincolnshire donkey story (the last one was when the Lincolnshire Echo interviewed champion Skegness beach donkey Bruno HERE.

Happily, Bruno has become a prolific and faithful commenter on my blog, despite the distinct lack lately of news from the donkey world.

But the Echo has come to the rescue once again HERE with this lovely tale of the birth of baby donkey Una at a Lincolnshire farm.

The good news follows the tragic deaths of five adult donkeys and three unborn ones in a road accident near the farm last year.

According to the Echo, trespassers left a gate open: Children's favourite Barnaby and four others wandered on to the road and were hit by a car. Three of the dead donkeys were heavily pregnant.

Fortunately, Una’s mum and dad Clover and Peanuts were not daft enough to go out on the road, so survived the tragedy.

Baby Una has already made lots of friends with visitors to Rand Farm.

No meeting with Bruno is yet planned.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, Una.

Maybe you'll work here one day.