Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Protest over massive home care charges...

I woke in my warm bed this morning but outside there was a chill in the air. Thoughts turned to two disabled men who spent the night outside in their wheelchairs protesting at massive increase in home charges by Lincolnshire County Council.

Both men face almost three-fold increases in the cost of their 19 hours a week of care which means they can live at home, under a scheme which the county council call "fairer charging".

The Lincolnshire Echo reports here and here that their care bill will rise from £41 a week to £120 a week – that’s £480 a month.

The County Council plans to raise charges from £5.20 to £10 an hour after huge increases just a couple of years ago.

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Roy Batty said...

You may be interested in seeing how LCC have spent £2.5 million on spin.


I used your piece to add perspective