Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Putting Politics before People...

The all-Tory Executive on Lincolnshire County Council today trebled care charges for some local people from £40 a week to £120.

But the councillor in charge of the radical new policy was at Tory Party Conference in Bournemouth - not at the crucial meeting in Lincoln to defend her actions.

Only four of the nine members of the all-Tory Executive were present for the start of the meeting - with two more arriving later.

So Councillor Christine Talbot, Exec Member for Adult Services, did not meet the two wheelchair-bound gentlemen who held a dignified 24-hour vigil outside the council offices to protest the charges.

And she was not there either to face the barrage of difficult media questions.Instead Christine was in Bournemouth.

Last night she was on the media - but not talking about the controversy she left behind at Lincoln.

Instead, she was giving her views on BBC Radio Four's PM programme about the image of the Tories under David Cameron and the squiggly oak tree logo launched this week.

I've just been interviewed on BBC Radio Lincolnshire about the so-called "fairer charging" policy and Yorkshire Television are also covering the story on Calendar tonight.

Of course, Christine is entitled to be at her Party Conference.

But wouldn't it have been sensible to have held such an important Council meeting on a day when at least the Executive Member could be there?

After all, that's what she's paid from the public purse to do!

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