Saturday, October 28, 2006

US stem-cell debate hots up: Watch Fox hit back at critics...

Actor Michael J. Fox who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease has hit back at the right-wing American radio host who mocked him on TV by impersonating tremors HERE.

Fox had appealed to voters in next week’s American elections to support candidates who backed stem-cell research.

But when Rush Limbaugh saw the TV ads, he claimed on his show that Fox was exaggerating the effects of his disease.

Not surprisingly, the storm has gone national across the US, with Limbaugh attempting to justify his attack. He accused the Democrats of having a long history of “using victims of various things”.

Now Fox has appeared on CBS, telling presenter Katie Couric, “I could give a damn about Rush Limbaugh’s pity or anyone else’s pity. I’m not a victim.”

Watch it here on Think Progress.


Anonymous said...

He also said he was accidently over-medicated, not under-medicated as that guy said before in the post below. Good on Michael for highlighting this important issue, and I'm pleased he's risen above the crudeness of America's so called "shock jocks".

Robert Elart Waters said...

Which, nightowl, highlights not the issue- indeed, Fox discussed none of the matters at controversy with regard to fetal stem cell research- but the
unhelpful character of a political advertisement dependent entirely on an appeal to the emotions, made under conditions which- deliberately or not-
misrepresented Fox's condition.

The ad was sheer emotional manipulation, and the over-medication, while not deliberate, makes it even less helpful as anything else.