Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Racist and misinformed...

That’s the verdict of the Head Teacher whose school was featured on the Daily Express front page story on Monday HERE, according to the Lincs FM radio station.

Here’s the full interview as broadcast:

A Lincolnshire school is dismissing accusations it chooses students based on their place of birth. A national newspaper is claiming Boston’s Haven High Technology College is selecting Eastern European children instead of local youngsters.

The Daily Express says parents are furious about the school’s selection process, yes the school’s Headteacher Adrian Reed argues the data is being taken out of context:

Adrian Reed:
After discussions with the Local Education Authority I agreed that I would suspend our pupil admission number, or PAN, and all students were then given a place. Those who were going for Appeal were given immediate places and the new arrivals into the town were given places.

All 21 families who moved to Boston from London, the north of England and Europe were allowed to send their children to the school. Currently the school has 82 students whose second language is English, only 12% of the total number of pupils.
Mr Reed says the newspaper’s claims are racist and misinformed:

Adrian Reed:
The local people know of our commitment to the local community. We are a full service extended school. We run adult learning, we run community learning. They know that we are committed to the whole of the community. I ‘m not going to get involved in any political, racist slurs at all. We serve local people and local children.

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