Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New logo right for County, wrong for Party says Christine

The Lincolnshire Echo has picked up on my story of the Tory councillor who criticised her party for spending £40,000 on a new logo - just months after Lincolnshire County Council did exactly the same thing.

The county council spent £40,000 a new logo earlier this year, and the Echo reports that it also forked out £150,000 to update items like letterheads and signs.

Christine Talbot admitted to the Echo that it was "hard to criticise" the party's logo change in view of the county council's actions.

But she said the logo change came at the right time for the council - but at the wrong time for the Conservative Party.

And after that wriggle and spin, she added this:
"We've had nine years of spin - do we really want more?"
"I'm at the conference, surrounded by images of oak trees and I have to ask
whether this is the correct direction to be going in,"

Hypocrisy or what?


Anonymous said...

$900 for having fun.

Come round to my beachfront workstation and have some more fun for £2.

fairdealphil said...


i'm afraid the anonymous comment is one of the hazards of trying to be open and accepting all comments without monitoring...

i'll put up with it for a while...