Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tory funding organisation bows to pressure...

BBC R4 are reporting that the Lincolnshire-based organisation that has given £1 million to Cameron's Conservatives has finally bowed to pressure from Labour and has named 20 people who contribute.

The Labour Party, which has long campaigned for full disclosure, has questioned whether the list released by the so-called Midlands Industrial Council is complete.

It has also challenged the Conservative Party to register the donations in the names of those who actually gave the money.

I have posted many times on Midlands Industrial Council most recently HERE

MIC is based in a house in the village of Bassingham near Lincoln and up to now the only two names known to be behind it were Robert Edmiston who was nominated by the Tory Party for a peerage earlier this year, and JCB boss Anthony Bamford.

David Cameron opened a new JCB factory in India a couple of months ago.

UPDATE: Link to BBC story HERE

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