Friday, October 13, 2006

Schools merger rejected - major victory for parent power

The Independent Schools Adjudicator has just rejected Lincolnshire County Council's plan to close a village infants school and merge it with a junior school.

It's a major victory for the parents and for common sense.

And it shows what happens when the Tories refuse to listen to sensible advice from parents, teachers, councillors of all parties and none, church representatives and governors.

The Adjudicator states in his finding:

"The County Council has failed to convince local people of its case and has not done as much as it should have done to set out its proposals for what facilities would be available under the new arrangements."

There's much more background to what happened in my archive for January/Feb/March.

Will comment more when I have read the Adjudication in full...and had a pint or two to celebrate!

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