Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This is not the behaviour of a caring council...

Staff members at Lincolnshire County Council have been ordered not to offer hot drinks to two wheelchair bound protesters on a 24-hour vigil here, outside county hall today.

The two gentlemen were protesting at massive increases in the costs of their care and when I met them I asked if staff had offered a hot drink.

I was appalled to learn that members of staff at county offices had been specifically instructed NOT to provide refreshments of any kind to the men or their carers.

I don't know where this ridiculous instruction originated but I will be raising it with the Chief Executive. We need to look after people - even protesters.

This is not the way a caring council behaves.

Our customers deserve better.


Anonymous said...

Might be worth mentioning it to local churches, Phil. I'm sure that in Lincoln they'd be only too glad to help those in need to raise their voices. Probably set up a tea bar ...

fairdealphil said...

thanks Mark, but I'm pleased to say that the two protesters have now left for home - members of the local Labour Party took them a couple of beers last night. the MP for Lincoln also visited them.

This morning, office workers at a commercial premises across Newlands brought a tray of hot drinks, and another well-wisher who was passing by, went to MacDonalds and brought them back a breakfast.

I'm still angry at the contrast with some 'jobsworth' at the council who issud the instruction not to give them a hot drink.

I've now written to the Leader of the Council and the Chief Exec. about the council's discourtesy to our guests.

Faye said...

I am speachless, you are talking about my father in law.

I have stumbled accross this blog by complete accident. They are both suffering from MS and to do this protest will no doubt make their condition worse.

I find it discusting that these animals ordered staff not to offer tea to such ill people when all they were doing were protesting about a 200% increase in care costs.

May I also thank those caring people in Lincoln for their kind words, drinks and food.

fairdealphil said...

in reply to the above, I can only say that you have much to be proud of in your father in law.

both gentlemen acted with great dignity and i hope they arrived home safely, having given a total injustice a human face.

i look forward to seeing their story in the council's newspaper County News.

Faye said...

We are very proud but dissapointed we could not be there to support him.

He is home safe and sound but extreemly tired from the 24 hours protest.

I hope your complaints to the chief exec help make a change.

The amount of council tax the public pay must of covered a couple of 50 pence cuppa teas! Maybe if everyone knocked off just 50 pence of their council tax next month to show their support to Ric and Brian and their anger to the council would it be enough to make them listen?

Ric is basically being punished by these charges because he has saved his earned cash for his retirement. Once these funds are gone he will then get the help he deserves.

Though have they never thought that part of those savings is to look after his wife too???

Anonymous said...

What is the name of your blog again?

Faye said...

Bruno.... its called..... itsaphuckingmadworld !!!!!!!