Monday, September 18, 2006

11 days after praising Jamie's school dinners documentary, Tory Trisha flips

Emerging from a private screening of Jamie Oliver's Return to School Dinners TV programme - which is due for broadcast tonight - Lincolnshire County Council Executive Member Trisha Bradwell said she "enjoyed the programme" and described it as "very watchable".

She even went on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and described the documentary as "a fair portrayal".

But that was 11 days ago. Today, Trisha has flip-flopped.

Hours before the programme is broadcast - tonight on C4 - she claimed it gives a false impression of school meals in Lincolnshire and accused Jamie of not telling the truth.

Today, she told the Lincolnshire Echo: "We take issue with Jamie Oliver's assertion in the programme that there is 'no' hot school meals provision in Lincolnshire."

Trisha seems to be making a habit of flip-flopping lately.

Look at her record on the Garth School HERE AND HERE

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