Thursday, September 28, 2006

Normal Service resumes tomorrow...

Just arrived home from Labour's Conference in Manchester. Totally cream-crackered. Hoped to find time to blog from the G-Mex, but never quite managed to find time.

More on the Conference after catching up on a few zzzzeds...

I'd hoped to make it home in time to get to Garth Special School in Spalding where Councillor Trisha Bradwell was finally due to meet parents following the controversial threat to close it down and transfer children to Willoughby School in Bourne.

The trains ran on time, but unfortunately the Vauxhall garage in Peterborough let me down.

I dropped the car in at Marhsall's on Boongate over a week ago for a service and to sort out a rattly exhaust and took the train to Manchester.

When I rang them today to arrange to pick it up, they told me my car is waiting for a part.

What part, I ask.

A catalytic converter, I'm told.

But aren't Marshalls the major Vauxhall dealer in the East of England...? Don't you carry a standard replacement part for a bog standard current model in your range...I ask.

Maybe, I'm told. But maybe we'd run out of them on the day we looked at your car, I'm told.

Don't worry, I'm told. It's on order.

When will it be here?

Hopefully a couple of days.

Courtesy car in the meantime?

Not a chance.

Thanks Marshalls.

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Mark said...

So that explains why you didn't make it to the Parish Council, then?

... and now we really *must* sort out the Local Links on your blogsite!

There is wireless internet at the Waterton now, I gather, so for the price of a pint ....