Saturday, September 16, 2006

Top of the Blogs

Congrats to Kerron Cross, Bob Piper, Labour Home, Harry's Place, Antonia Bance and Jo Salmon, Tom Watson, Dave's Part, Mars Hill and Jon Worth in taking top ten spots - in that order - on Iain Dale's list of Top 100 Labour Blogs.
Just in from a Friday night pint or three...It's late, can't be arsed doing links, you know where you are. But promise to update my blogroll pronto...

Can't see anything remotely Lincolnshire in the Top 100.


Brynley said...

I'm sure you are top Lincolnshire politics blog, Phil.

But then, are there any others in this category?

Bruno (Skegness) said...

Tickled to see that Iain Dale lists the Dave's Part blog as a top Labour blog.

Witty? Yes

Well informed? Yes

Labour? Well it is often ABOUT Labour.

A soft socialist said...

Indeed its more a leftie blog than a labour blog.

Stewart Bingley said...

I wonder if Helmer will be posting any notices of congratulations?

Dave said...

In defence of Dave's Part ... I was a member for 14 years,and might rejoin when that bastard Blair goes. I still feel Labour is somehow my team ... it's just, well, policies from top-up fees to war on Iraq leaves me puking, to be honest.

Brynley said...

"I was a member for 14 years" says Dave.

I share your pain, Dave. I was a member for 19 years.

I can grimace and bear almost any disappointment on home policy.

But it's Blair on Iraq and The Lebanon which, yes makes me puke too.

There would need to be a clear fresh page turned - including no pre-emptive attack on Iran - before the thought of rejoining would enter my head.