Monday, September 11, 2006

Tory tells me: Get Your Tanks off my Lawn....

Half-an-hour after Councillor Patricia Bradwell told Lincolnshire County Council: "There is no intention to close Garth School" - in response to my question - another Tory rose to his feet...

Howard Johnson said he had wanted to ask about the future of Garth School. He appeared miffed that I had already done that.

He pointed out that he lives only a few yards from the school gates - and that I live some ten miles away, suggesting that he was better qualified than me to ask questions about Garth School!

So instead, the late Councillor Johnson decided to try to score a political point by asking me a question instead - wasting time alloted for questions to Executive members of Lincolnshire County Council.

Not for the first time the Chairman of the Council appeared to make no effort to stop a member of his own Tory group riding roughshod over the rules.

Councillor Johnson ploughed on: "What does Councillor Dilks think of the prospects of the next Prime Minister of this country being Gordon Brown...?"

Yaa Boo, Yaa Boo...

Now, I'm always happy to take the Tories on. But surprise, surprise, the Chairman of the Council - Stamford councillor Colin Helstrip - did not invite me to reply: despite allowing his colleague to ask the question!

Just getting called to ask a question at full council is a rare event since the Tories abolished the right of backbenchers to table written questions and expect a written reply.

I'm astonished that Councillor Johnson blew a rare opportunity to raise a local issue of real concern to the people of Spalding he is elected to represent.

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