Friday, September 15, 2006

Ann Widdecombe explains the goat...and announces her retirement

I was relieved to see Ann Widdecombe finally explaining that photo of herself and the goat (Ann's the one on the right) which I posted on HERE last month and which has appeared on a number of weblogs since.

I was on a slow train to London and picked up a copy of the free Metro paper to pass the time. There was Widdy as subject of the Metro 60 second interview.

Straight-talking Ann answered questions on how to stop British-born Muslims becoming terrorists, how she would have reacted to the recent airport security scare if she were still Home Secretary...and that goat.

There’s a picture of you adopting goats on your website. What’s that about?
A goat sanctuary has opened in my constituency. They’ve got about 60 goats who have been abandoned. I thought it was a jolly good initiative and adopted a couple of goats; I send the odd cheque to support them.

Jolly Good Ann.

The next question was does she plan to retire.

Ann replied that if the current Parliament is a normal length, it's "quite likely" that she'll go at the end of it and concentrate on her writing.

She added:
There comes a time when doing shows such as more enjoyable than Question Time.

Parliament without larger than life Ann Widdecombe and Clare Short just won't be the same...

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Bruno (Skegness) said...

The difference is that, while Clare Short's instincts are always in the right place, Ann Widdecombe's instincts are, how shall we say, terra incognita.