Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tony Benn earns his wings for spin

While heavyweight bloggers Bob Piper (in the left corner) and Jonathan Sheppard (in the right corner) slug it out after my post: Tony Benn, spin and some facts, perhaps I can lighten the mood a little with this offering…

Hopefully, it illustrates what I mean about Tony Benn being a past-master at the much-maligned art of spin.

A couple of years ago, I was listening to Tony Benn airing his views on radio about war and pacifism when the interviewer chipped in:

“…But Mr Benn, didn’t you train as a Royal Air Force pilot at the end of the Second World War?”

Quick as a flash, Tony replied:

“Yes, but I didn’t kill anyone.”

Pure class.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

HEAVYWEIGHT? Im just big boned :o)

fairdealphil said...

a dinosaur maybe??

Jonathan Sheppard said...

Ha ha - that's Bob!

Brynley said...

1. Can we have more South Lincs content please?

2. I'm pretty sure Tony Benn is no pacifist, although he has been a peace campaigner and has wanted parliament to authorise our use of force.