Saturday, September 30, 2006

Daily Telegraph on David-all-style-no-substance-Cameron

The Conservatives start their Conference in Bournemouth reeling from news in today's Daily Telegraph that their seven point lead in the polls last month has been totally eroded - because voters don't know what their new Leader David Cameron actually stands for.

Well, that's not surprising. Mr Cameron is the Leader who was special advisor to then Chancellor Norman Lamont during "Black Wednesday" when the Tories hiked interest rates by five per cent in a single day.

And Cameron also wrote the Tories General Election manifesto last year which was rejected by the British public as the most right wing ever Tory platform.

Like his four predessessors who have attempted to take on Tony Blair, the former public relations man has had a honeymoon period which he has used to promote endless stunts to try to convince us he's changed. And even more difficult that the Tories have changed.

But voters are not daft. In his Conference speech this week Tony Blair had some good advice on David Chameleon Cameron:

David Cameron's Tories? My advice: get after them.

His foreign policy. Pander to anti-Americanism by stepping back from America . Pander to the Eurosceptics through isolation in Europe. Sacrificing British influence for Party expediency is not a policy worthy of a Prime Minister.

His immigration policy. Says he'll sort out illegal immigration, but opposes Identity Cards, the one thing essential to do it.

His energy policy. Nuclear power "only as a last resort". It's not a multiple choice quiz question, Mr Cameron. We need to decide now otherwise in 10 years time we will be importing expensive fossil fuels and Britain's economy will suffer.

He wants tax cuts and more spending, with the same money.

He wants a Bill of Rights for Britain drafted by a Committee of Lawyers. Have you ever tried drafting anything with a Committee of Lawyers?

And his policy for the old lady terrorised by the young thug is that she should put her arm round him and give him a nice, big hug.

Built to last? They haven't even laid the foundation stone. If we can't take this lot apart in the next few years we shouldn't be in the business of politics at all.

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Brynley said...

Interesting stuff.

I see no evidence that Dave Cameron has been pandering to anti-Americanism.

What Cameron said was:

our friendship with the Americans should be solid, but not slavish.

Hard to disagree with that.