Friday, September 15, 2006

Scunthorpe to be wiped out...says Al Gore

Former American Vice-President Al Gore has warned that the North Lincs town of Scunthorpe could be wiped off the map.

No, it’s not George Dubya Bush looking for his next mission...

Al Gore who was Clinton’s number two – and who failed to beat Bush to the White House – says that global warming means Scunthorpe is at serious risk of future flooding and at best becoming a coastal resort.

The double splash – no pun intended – in last night’s Scunny Evening Telegraph – HERE and HERE featured a huge photo of Al Gore pointing out to readers the dangers of global warming to their town.

I don’t recall seeing any publicity suggesting that the former VP was coming to Lincolnshire.

In fact he hasn’t been anywhere near out county. But let's not have facts ruining a good may not realise that Big Al's not actually in town even if you read the Telegraph’s small print carefully.

The peg for the story was a chat that the town’s Labour MP – former Environment Minister Elliot Morley - had with Mr Gore. In fairness, a series of chats.

Some of course may think that the world could manage fine without Scunthorpe. Some may think it would be an improvement!

But then I saw on the news-stands the headline on today’s environmentally-minded Independent newspaper – apparently it’s not just Scunthorpe in trouble, it’s the whole world.

Better get started on the ark...

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Anonymous said...

most people think it's a seaside town anyway and westcliff would make such a loverly beach.