Sunday, September 17, 2006

After Prescott Punch, the Cherie Cuff that never was...

Middle England wakes up this morning to The Mail on Sunday banner headline Police Probe Cherie 'Attack' on Teenager.

The story alleges that the Prime Minister's wife was involved in an incident in Scotland last week when a teenager was playfully "cuffed" while posing with her for a photo.

But in a BBC follow-up, a police spokesman said no incident took place.

Of the two accounts, I believe the BBC's.

And mindful of the laws on defamation, I won't be providing a link to the Mail on Sunday.

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Mark said...

An incident did take place, but a crime certainly did not! It was just two people having fun and the "victim" said he could not understand why the Police asked him questions.

This whole thing is very silly. After the youth group last night a young girl was having trouble getting her shoe on, but I really dared not help for fear of there being an "incident" which did not take place but which still would have wasted a not my (and precious police) time.