Sunday, September 24, 2006

Guardian prints the truth about what Trisha said on Garth fiasco

I was pleased to see that this week's THE Spalding Guardian ran the story about Councillor Patricia Bradwell blaming them for "whipping up a story to frighten the parents" of Garth School pupils whose school might be closing.

After the meeting a fortnight ago when she made her attack, I reported on her comments. But the Guardian wanted to verify them first - and eventually they managed to do just that.

I suspect that like me they could hardly believe the astonishing unjustified attack on a community paper who was simply doing its job and acting responsibly.

True to form, Councillor Mrs Bradwell refused to explain her comments to the Spalding Guardian.


Brynley said...

Thursday 28th September 2006

Hi Phil,

I guess you've gone off to Labour Party Conference and left your Blog in South Lincs.

Do you have nobody to mind the shop while you are away?

Can you not blog from Manchester when you get a moment?

Best wishes,


Bruno (Skegness) said...


If you need any help keeping that Walter Wolfgang out of your conference this year, I have the spectacular kick and stubborn nature to do the job.

Don't worry about bad publicity. Everyone loves a seaside donkey!

fairdealphil said...


Thanks, but I didn't see any donkeys in Manchester...