Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tory Trish attacks another newspaper - this time on Jamie's school dinners

Following her astonishing attack on the Spalding Guardian HERE and HERE who she unfairly accused of 'whipping up a headline to frighten parents', Trisha Bradwell has turned her guns on the county's evening paper.

A couple of nights ago the Lincolnshire Echo accused Trisha of flip-flopping. They reported that after seeing a special private preview of Jamie Oliver's Return to School Dinners documentary in London, the Executive Member for Childrens Services returned to Lincolnshire and praised the programme.

Eleven days later, just before the programme was broadcast, she accused Jamie of not telling the truth and painting a false picture of Lincolnshire HERE and HERE

But today, Trisha hits back, denying she ever made a u-turn HERE...and praising Jamie after all.

Flip-flop or not, a generation after Margaret Thatcher led the wholesale destruction of school kitchens across Lincolnshire, it's encouraging that there's a new and wider concensus on the need to improve the nutrition of our children.

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