Saturday, September 02, 2006

Derby Defectors: LibDems admit no checks on members

The Derby Evening Telegraph has revisted the "Derby Defectors" story.

This time they have presented Labour's evidence that demonstrates original LibDem claims of a mass defection were not true.

27 of the 41 names on the list of so-called defectors could not be traced or ratified as genuine in a verification process launched by the Labour Party.

The need for verification was sparked by a suspiciously high number of membership applications in the run-up to branch meetings to select Labour candidates for next year's Derby city council elections.

Tonight's Evening Telegraph carries a telling quote from the local LibDem agent. He rubbishes the idea of a political party verifying its members.

That's good news for the handful of genuine defectors who were rejected as candidates by local members of the Labour Party.

With no verification of members to worry about, it looks like getting selected by the LibDems will be a whole lot easier for the defectors than it was with Labour!

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